Who We Are
We are tenacious problem-solvers on a bold mission: to eliminate the barriers that stand between people and services.


We began as tenacious problem-solvers. In 1999, a group of changemakers from philanthropy and technology partnered to solve a problem: Why was California’s Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP) enrollment so low? Undeterred, they transformed California’s CHIP application into a streamlined, effective, digital-only application. It worked, creating Health-e-App, the first application with an online signature for a public benefit program — reducing the application time from 97 to 7 minutes. Since then, we have connected millions of people to support and helped other changemakers at agencies and organizations realize our shared purpose.


We’re on a bold mission to eliminate barriers to getting people connected to help, so that all people have access to support and services when they need it. By enabling our clients to better connect people with support, we make strides towards creating a system that leaves no one behind. When someone receives the support they need, their life transforms, creating a ripple effect on their families, communities, and the world. Our purpose is to create impact today while looking beyond the horizon for new ways to solve future problems.


As a nonprofit social enterprise, we have a different bottom line and the flexibility to challenge the way things are done.

We believe:

  • An efficient, integrated system of help and support considers the whole life and experience of those seeking help.
  • Getting help should be quick, simple, and dignified.
  • The bar is economic, social, and physical well-being—for all.
  • Social equity requires thoughtful policy and elegant technology.
  • People “in need” can include anyone and everyone.
  • A community is only as strong as its support for all members.
  • The most effective solutions consider a person’s whole experience.


Alluma is working to create a completely reimagined approach to services and support. We imagine a world where anyone can apply online for the public services and support they need from any location at any time of day.


We’re a diverse group of problem solvers with heart and tenacity. Our team takes a mission-first approach to their work and understands how it connects to the wider purpose. Many of us have had direct experience with needing support or have had family members who need help from public programs.

Executive Leadership Team

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Chief Strategy & Impact Officer
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Chief Growth Officer