People and the systems that serve them are complicated. Our solutions are designed to seamlessly fit with how people work and live.


We understand the complex work needed to deliver quick and streamlined programs and services. That's why we've developed One-x-Connection — a flexible, scalable, configurable, and modular solution that supports application, eligibility, enrollment, and retention in a range of health and human services programs.


Quick Screener
Quick Screener
  • Public-facing and anonymous
  • No log-in, no registration, no entry of personal information required
  • Preliminary eligibility determination in less than 3 minutes
  • Easily customizable for any program
  • Learn more about the Quick Screener.
Business Rules Engine 
Business Rules Engine
  • Easy-to-use, transparent, and with plain and simple language
  • Ability to configure rules for multiple programs
Document Management
Document Management
  • Automated document classification:
    • Allows capture of multiple documents in one PDF to be split and classified into individual documents
    • Uses Machine Learning to recognize different types of documents, and allows the user to assign them to individuals
    • Intelligent classification matches documents to the program verifications they satisfy
  • Manual or automated dispositioning
Multi-benefit Eligibility & Enrollment
Multi-benefit Eligibility & Enrollment
  • Dynamic Questioning: only ask questions for programs applying for and intelligently modify based on previous answers
  • Modern user interface that is ADA compliant and written at a 6th grade reading level
  • Robust duplicate management validations that prevent potential duplicate person records
  • Electronic signature collection  
  • Supports the full life-cycle of an individual's program engagement, from application intake through enrollment and renewal

Reporting and Analytics
Reporting and Analytics
  • Separate transactional and reporting databases optimize system performance
  • Use our Business Intelligence and Analytics tool or plug into your own
  • Easy-to-build, user-driven interactive reports and data visualization
Audit & Approval
Audit & Approval
  • Review submitted applications and determine the quality of the applications, make final determinations, and provide status updates
  • Randomly select & filter applications by date range, programs, and assisters
  • Auditors can pass or fail audited applications
  • Streamline activities, and help programs achieve their goals all within the same platform

Spotlight: Our Quick Screener helped One Degree enhance their information and referral platform, giving over 18,000 low-income families the ability to check their eligibility for Medi-Cal and CalFresh in less than 3 minutes.

Because we are a purpose-driven organization, the way we work is unique.

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Alluma has joined forces with One Degree, a long-time social technology partner that specializes in streamlining access to nonprofit and community-based programs and resources. Together, we aim to create an efficient platform that makes it quick and simple for people to apply for and receive public and community-based benefits and services using a single entry point.

Combining One Degree’s public-facing resource and referral system with Alluma’s eligibility and enrollment platform allows us to create an end-to-end solution that transforms the experience of seeking services and the professionals that work for the agencies and organizations that provide them.

Learn More About One Degree


For well over a decade, our web-based End-to-End Solutions have supported millions of individuals across the country applying for and enrolling in federal, state, and local benefit programs.



  • A web-based enrollment and eligibility platform that enables application for and enrollment in multiple health and social services programs, such as local health programs, Medicaid, TANF, SNAP and WIC.
  • Used by 45 county agencies, local agencies, and community-based organizations across the country.
  • One-e-App (OeA) has screened more than 10 million individuals for coverage and has submitted more than 67 million program applications on their behalf.  

Alluma County and State Locations
Our solutions make an impact in 45 counties and two states throughout the United States. (Click here for a high-resolution version of the map.)

In 2003, we launched One-e-App to improve connections between people and benefit programs. When we started, there was no single application a person could fill out to determine eligibility and enrollment referrals for multiple programs if a person met the requirements. We went beyond designing for a single solution, creating an end-to-end enrollment and eligibility platform that county and state clients have successfully used for over 15 years to connect people to their programs.  

  • OeA uses sophisticated routines to analyze the data entered, determine preliminary program eligibility, and support the submission of a completed application and the associated supporting documents (verifications) to the systems of record, wherever possible.  
  • For the supported programs, OeA uses a hierarchical eligibility determination: applicants are screened for state and federal programs before they are considered for local county programs. 
  • Providing effective, efficient and accurate eligibility and enrollment support is the core of the One- e-App system, achieved through:

    • A sophisticated Eligibility Rules Engines
    • Systems of records features
    • Renewal mechanisms
    • Information validation and verification.

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