Consulting Services
Unlock the possibilities of both technology and policy and reveal new paths that connect more people to services.

Our policy and technology experts support courageous changemakers to understand their current program, policy, and technology environments before embracing new technology solutions.  We provide clear, actionable insights into how to best align policy, technology, and operations to help resolve the unique challenges you face.  

We’ll help you get the technology right the first time, identify new opportunities for efficiency or streamlining, or determine if your current system can support the implementation of new policies and programs. Our consulting services include:

Working together, we can find new pathways to connecting people to services.


See beyond the limits of a single program.

Map the complex policy interplay between multiple federal, state, and local health and human services program rules and eligibility requirements to identify opportunities to streamline the application and enrollment process for both the applicant and the agency.

Our Consulting Services have made an impact:  

  • How do you take on the daunting task of streamlining several disconnected programs’ verification systems? We made a clear and incisive roadmap for streamlining program processes for the California Department of Social Services. Read more about the CDSS State Hub Roadmap.

Case Study: CDSS

  • How can a diverse national group better modernize their services and choose the best technology tools for their needs? We partnered with the National WIC Association to outline a wide range of best practices and case studies for integrating technology into WIC program administration.

Read the WIC Toolkit

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