Sonal Ambegaokar, JD

Executive Director, Policy Innovation

Oakland, CA

Area of Expertise

Health and Human Services Benefit Programs, Legal Policy, Immigration Policy, Telecommunications Regulations, Eligibility & Enrollment. JD, University of California Davis; BS, University of Southern California



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Sonal leads research and analysis of new policy, technology solutions, and strategies to improve people’s connections to health and social services. Her policy expertise is informed by 15 years of experience as a health policy advocate at the federal, state, and local levels, direct legal assistance to low-income consumers, and leadership at the intersection of health and immigration policy. Sonal has held senior positions at the National Health Law Program, the National Immigration Law Center, and Neighborhood Legal Services of Los Angeles County. For seven years, she was a business analyst in the telecommunications industry.

Building from this unique combination of experiences, Sonal provides thought-leadership on the intersections of policy and technology. Her recent publications with Alluma include: Improving Customer Service In Health And Human Services Through Technology, Opportunities To Streamline Enrollment Across Public Benefit Programs, and Facilitating CalFresh Eligibility And Enrollment For SSI Recipients.