One Degree
Helping individuals and families access the resources they need to improve their lives and achieve social and economic mobility.

Alluma has joined forces with One Degree to create a completely reimagined approach to how people connect to help and support.

Together, we offer a scalable solution that helps low-income people of color easily access comprehensive resources for social and economic mobility, and help service providers spend more time helping people. Combining our capabilities means accelerating access to help while addressing a growing recognition among both health systems and state and local agencies that technology can help resolve the fragmentation every community faces.

Join the growing team of supporters who fuel the mission of One Degree.

Imagine millions of people being able to quickly and easily find and access the help they need, like food pantries, employment services, shelters, health clinics, and more, all on their computer or smartphone. We’re making this vision – and more – a reality, and we can’t do it alone.

We rely on the support and generosity of people like you.

What Is One Degree?

One Degree’s mission is to empower people to create a path out of poverty for themselves and for their communities.

The One Degree platform has become the go-to tool for help-seekers – and the people who support them, such as case managers and social workers – throughout the San Francisco Bay Area and Los Angeles County in California, New York City, New Mexico (Grant, Hidalgo, and Catron Counties),  NW Detroit, Colorado (Summit County), and in Gainesville, Florida.

One Degree operates four major products: the One Degree website and Android and iOS apps as well as the new Common App. Thousands of people rely on One Degree’s website and apps to access health care, food banks, employment services, and much more. Common App supports CalFresh and Covered California (Medi-Cal) applications and the local SF Dept. of Recreation & Parks Scholarship. One Degree also supports communities around the country to start their own One Degree chapters.