ISM Conference 2019 - That's a Wrap!

We want to thank everyone who helped make the 2019 ISM Conference such a wonderful experience for our team. After connecting with so many state & local health and human services leaders — people who are working tirelessly to connect more people to services — we came home feeling inspired, resolute, and unwavering in our mission.

There were many important takeaways from our time in Milwaukee:

  • Data-sharing across agencies continues to be a high priority for many states and counties. Sonoma and San Diego counties shared examples of their data hub for sharing client data across programs. We highlight what's already possible in our white paper, Maximizing Linkages: A Policymaker's Guide to Data-Sharing.
  • Everyone’s talking about chatbots and AI, things we discussed in depth here. States are using them to streamline processes and help families in real time.
  • Add “low code/no code” to your list of buzzwords. Several vendors are marketing the cost and efficiency benefits of these platforms with little or no custom code.
  • Tenacious problem-solvers are everywhere.

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