Integrated Benefits Eligibility Mapping
Uncover how multiple public benefit programs can be linked through our expert examination of eligibility rules and program processes.

People’s lives and needs are integrated, but often the programs designed to serve them are not.

Integrating eligibility for multiple programs together can be challenging: program rules are specific and can be hard to navigate across multiple programs.

This work is needed to break down barriers and to help courageous changemakers like:

• State and county agencies building a “no wrong door” approach to accessing benefits
• Health systems and health plans adopting whole-person care and social determinants of health approaches
• Higher educational institutions supporting student success


What We Provide

Our Integrated Benefits Eligibility Mapping Services include:

Understanding how people actually live and work is central to our approach.

  • One-on-one interviews with program administrators and assisters
  • Focus groups of user groups, such as applicants, assisters, and caseworkers
  • Review of business processes and procedures for conducting eligibility and enrollment for key programs

In addition to reviewing the eligibility policies, we review the specific data and information used to determine and verify eligibility, including:

  • Eligibility Criteria (such as income, household size and composition, assets, residency status, immigration status)
  • Application process (including documents required to verify eligibility criteria)
  • Change reporting requirements and process
  • Renewal/Recertification/maintenance requirements and process

After research and review of the current environment, our team analyzes and maps relationships and interactions between programs (e.g., to be eligible for SNAP Education and Training, you must be receiving support from SNAP but cannot be receiving TANF support).

We identify opportunities for maximizing linkages between programs, and provide suggestions on how to address challenges, such as data sharing.

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