How We Work
We bring experts in policy, technology, and data together to develop thoughtful, efficient solutions to complex problems.


Working with policy and data experts, our technology innovation team researches, iterates, and applies the right technology solutions to resolve policy and practical challenges. Our unique approach to technology innovation understands the power of simple technical innovations to make a huge impact.


Our policy team of lawyers, social workers, and public health administrators understand the practical implementation of policy solutions. They have the deep, grounded experience in how healthcare, food, nutrition, and economic programs work at the county, state, and federal levels.


Data does not provide all the answers, but it helps uncover the right questions to get you there. We believe data should be useful, easily accessible to a wide range of stakeholders, and presented in context to inform policy and technology decisions, while respecting the privacy of users.


People’s lives are complex, and we know that different groups of users have unique needs. Using human-centered design principles such as user research, ideation, and prototyping, we create solutions that reflect how people actually use technology.


Our policy analysts, designers, and technologists go into the field to observe and understand the experiences of the people who use and rely on our technology. We analyze situations, behaviors, and processes and look for patterns. Our goal during this field discovery? To identify and define the underlying challenges and barriers. This approach allows us to design what people really need, and to make the tool adaptable to the context in which it is used. 


Many of the challenges our partners and clients face aren’t uncommon, and we believe in the power of shared learning. We tap into our long-standing partnerships with community assisters, advocates, policymakers, and funders to gather insights from across the field. By listening closer and digging deeper, our team tackles problems and shares our findings with the field in actionable ways.

By working with other changemakers and sharing what we find, we know together we can have an exponential impact on how people get connected.

See our work on Demystifying Data-Sharing and our Best Practices for WIC Tech Toolkit.

Our integrated approach to collaboration means we are able to dig deeper.

Do you have a challenge you’d like help solving? Tell us about it. We might be able to help.