2021 Year in Review

Another year is in the books, and we have spent 2021 working harder than ever to shape a "social opportunity system" that supports and propels the 100 million economically insecure people in the US while centering women of color. But despite a federal administration that knows administrative burdens are barriers to people getting help, progress continues to be too slow for far too many.

As a nation, we have yet to fully assimilate a powerful lesson from the past two years: Help in the form of government assistance matters. When it is large and direct — and not funneled through humiliating hoops of means-testing and people having to justify their vulnerability and need — you can maintain a fair amount of human activity and meet people’s needs.

That is why we are working harder than ever to present an integrated technology platform made up of our One Degree and One-X-Connection solutions to address this issue.

As we turn our attention to 2022, here's a look at what we have achieved over the past year.

We served 3.03M people in 2021 through our solutions; a 9% increase from 2020

  • 2,251,965 people served via HEAplus
  • 562,000 people served via our Covid Testing Site app
  • 216,035 people served via One-e-App

We enrolled 2.3M people into public benefits in 2021.

What follows is a more detailed snapshot of our work, and of our efforts to create a new social opportunity system that connects 25,000,000 people to support in the next five years.

January – Alluma President/CEO Robert Phillips publishes Let Us Continue, in response to the January 6 attack on the US Capitol

January – The New York City chapter of One Degree officially launches

January – Alluma's policy team publishes Three Areas Where a Biden Administration Can Have an Immediate Impact on Inequality

February – Alluma hosts its second Zoom Discussion Forum, Breaking the Cycle of Inequity, with Anna Gorman, LA County Dept. of Health Services Director of Community Partnerships & Programs, and Marko Mijic, Deputy Secretary - CA Health and Human Services.

February – The SW New Mexico chapter of One Degree officially launches

March - Robert Phillips publishes Breaking the Cycle of Inequity: Looking at History and the Present, which digs deeper into how the government has played a key role in creating and maintaining racial inequity

March - Robert Phillips publishes Are We Doing Enough About the Hate You Give?, which examines America’s history of violence against Asian American & Pacific Islander women

MarchComstock’s Magazine profiles Alluma Chief of Staff Tahira Cunningham as part of their 2021 Women in Leadership issue 

April – Alluma Chief Strategy & Impact Officer Rey Faustino reflects on the exploitative role for-profit companies play in the health care tech space with People Over Profit: Four Lessons from a Panel With For-profit Competitors 

April – Alluma’s Human-Centered Design team calls for Equity in User Research

April – The Northwest Detroit chapter of One Degree launches

June – Robert Phillips appears before the House Rules Committee as part of Ending Hunger in America: Using Technology to Combat Hunger, a roundtable highlighting the reality of food insecurity in America and how the government must reimagine the ways they conduct day-to-day business and solve big challenges

September – Robert Phillips & Rey Faustino join discussions at the CIE Virtual Summit 2021

September – Rey Faustino joins Health Lead's web series “The Heart of Health Equity” to discuss the disproportionate effects COVID-19 has had on communities of color and what can be done to close the gaps.

September - Hidalgo Medical Services in Southwest New Mexico present their work with One Degree to the New Mexico state legislature 

September – Tennessee releases Tennessee Reconnect, an OxC-based solution for benefit screening

October – Summit County, Colorado chapter of One Degree launches

November - Executive Director, Chief Data Officer/Chief Privacy Officer Steve “Spike” Spiker explores linkages and the barriers to implementing No-Stop Government practices

NovemberCommon App wins $1,000,000 in the Google.org Impact Challenge Bay Area!

December – Alluma releases the California Help Finder, an entry-level solution that integrates many of OxC’s and One Degree's capabilities