Introducing Alluma
Tenacious problem-solving through policy and technology

Welcome to Alluma, the New Name for Social Interest Solutions

Providing dependable, sustainable solutions for complicated problems is hard. We know, we’ve been doing it in health and human services for nearly 20 years.

Since our very first project back in 1999, we have tackled our work with curiosity and tenacity. That first challenge—improving enrollment rates in health care coverage for eligible children in California—led us to replace a bulky paper application process with the first fully-online application for a public support program to accept an electronic signature. The result: We reduced application time from 97 minutes to 7. That solution was just the first of many we developed to eliminate barriers between people and the services they need.

In the years since, we have connected more than 25 million people to support, and a lot has changed in the world of government technology and public program policy. But getting help is still harder than it needs to be, and technology alone can’t fix it. People’s lives are complicated. The infrastructure of programs that aim to help is even more complex. Our new name reflects our understanding of these challenges, and the different approach we take to create solutions that reflect the way people really live.

Our team has the deep experience in policy, operations, and technology to address All aspects of the complexity facing our clients and the people they serve, and we believe the way we work can Illuminate new possibilities to help public programs deliver on the promise for which they were created. All+Illuminate = Alluma.

Shedding Light on Our New Look

The Alluma symbol reflects our different approach to building solutions. Every problem we encounter has many sides and myriad dimensions. Guided by our focus on technology, policy, and people, we can look at these problems from multiple perspectives and see beyond the limits we face today.

Alluma is creating a completely reimagined approach to services and support. We’re streamlining and integrating the eligibility and enrollment processes so anyone can apply online for the help they need, from any location, at any time of day. We imagine a world where public service and support are as easy to access and use for individuals and families as any other product or service is for consumers through technology.

What We Do….

We’re on a bold mission to eliminate barriers to getting people connected to help, so that all people have access to support and services when they need it. As a nonprofit social enterprise, we have the flexibility to challenge the way things are done.


We can flex to the problem, creating solutions that are web-based and self-service, enabling clients to offer applications online for a range of public supports and services. We use insight into public policies to determine the best design, delivery, and implementation of technology solutions.


We’re a diverse group of problem solvers with heart and tenacity. Our decades of hard-won experience working within systems of support gives us a unique perspective and enables us to see opportunities for meaningful change.


We listen closer, dig deeper, and work collaboratively with our clients to unlock the possibilities of both technology and policy. Our unique methodology puts technology and policy experts at the table together, using a human-centered approach, to reveal new paths to connection.


What’s Next

We’ll be updating and expanding our website in the weeks to come. If you’re looking for our policy papers and insights, you can still find them at until we settle into our new Alluma site.

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Our Work

We challenge the status quo and create thoughtful solutions that enable public programs to change lives and create stronger communities. Our experts dig deep into the details of how systems work and what people experience, providing insights for policy makers through our published reports, consulting services, and thought leadership. Our technology solutions connect people to multiple benefits, from Medicaid and SNAP to EITC to locally-based support. That’s why, for two decades, state and local government agencies, community organizations, direct service providers, and healthcare payers throughout the country have partnered with us, to deliver more for the people they serve.

Our Solutions

We believe an efficient, integrated system of support considers the whole life and experience of those seeking help. We take a human-centered design approach that integrates policy and technology expertise at every step to create integrated eligibility and enrollment solutions that:

Our Modules Include:

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